It’s the fourth times to visit Singapore for spent a weekend. Actually, its not on my plan to going abroad in the last month of 2019, but suddenly an invitation from my office mate came to me 2 weeks before, so why not?

In this weekend getaway, I went to some places and some of them I haven’t visited before, and some of them is newly open since my last visit. Here they are:

Jewel Changi Airport

Located in the middle of Changi Airport complex, Jewel is now become a new tourists attraction in Singapore. The famous attraction from Jewel is the large circle fountain flow which called HSBC Rain Vortex from the glass roof with a forest garden below it (Shiseido Forest Valley). People can enjoy the view from the observation terrace located in each floor or they can enjoy while having a lunch or dinner in some restaurant which have direct view to the rain vortex.

Rain Vortex @Jewel

Not only that, in Jewel we also has another attraction, they are:

  • Canopy Park
  • Canopy Bridge
  • Manulife Sky Net – Bouncing & Walking
  • Hedge Maze
  • Mirror Maze
  • Changi Experience Studio
  • Foggy Bowl
  • Art Installation
  • and Petal Garden

Direction to Jewel

When you landed or will depart from Terminal 1,2 or 3, its easy to find the way to the Jewel. because its located in the middle of these terminal. From Terminal 1,2 or 3 you can just walking from 2nd floor to the Skybridge connecting terminal building to Jewel. Except terminal 4, I don’t know yet but you can googling it 🙂

Jewel also provide some services needed by passengers, like free power bank loan for 12 hours! You just charged if loan the power bank more than 12 hours. Then, there’s also a baggage storage located in L1, so you won’t bothered with your hand carry baggage of shopping carts.

Visit National Museum of Singapore

The other destination is National Museum of Singapore, the oldest museum in Singapore. We reach here using bus from Orchard because not too far and we choose this place because free (but for some attraction/ exhibition you should paid). Before decide to come here, you can check the exhibition held in this museum in their website ( so you can have an idea what to do in there.

Actually, I like the architecture of this building. The combination of British colonial era and modern era make this building looks elegant. Also it has some good spot for your Instagram feed 🙂

Night Walking to Marina Bay

Maybe its one of mainstream place in Singapore in few years ago since the Marina Bay Sands has opened. But its my first time to walked from Promenade MRT station to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands through the Helix Bridge in the evening crossing the finish line of Singapore Marathon (accidentally, its the same day with the Singapore night marathon). It’s such a great view of Singapore’s skyscraper building light seen from Helix Bridge and the Marina Bay Sands at night.

MBS at Night

Strolling around Orchard & Bugis

Some people said, “You’re not visit Singapore, unless you’re going to Orchard and Bugis”. I don’t know who said that for the first time, but yeah I agree with that, because center of crowd located in these 2 places. You can shopping branded items in every shopping center along Orchard (or maybe Mustafa Center?) and some Moslem people would like to find halal food in Arab Street or Bugis. There’s not changing too much in year by year both in Orchard nor Bugis. We just strolling out, like a typical tourist 🙂


Because I still have a task to be done for the next day (office matter), I got idea to find a public space where I can work and I choose library@orchard. Its easy to get there, just stop in Somerset MRT station then take exit to Singapore Gateway or you can walked from ION Orchard via pedestrian.

It is free entrance and you can bring your bag or luggage to the inside of library (because there’s no deposit counter). There’s some spot you can choose inside the library and you are freely to pick the books or magazine you wanna read (for instagram’s post maybe, hehe) or you just wanted to surfing the internet, up to you. My favourite spot is on the 2nd floor which has direct view to the outside/park.

I think that’s all I want to share with you about my last visit to Singapore. Most of public attraction in Singapore I already explored, and maybe I’ll come here again when there’s an invitation from IATA (maybe) or just spent another weekend with family. My personal purpose in every trip is to take pictures, so I will take my Fujifilm everywhere and I enjoy if travel alone or with someone who like to exploring not a “anak manja”, hehe. Thanks all! -mif

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