Lombok, main island of West Nusa Tenggara Province offer beauty scenery like Bali. One of tourist destination in Lombok is Senggigi Beach where located in West Lombok Regency which offer beauty beach for domestic or international tourist. When visited Lombok, I stay in Kila Senggigi Hotel which part of Aerowisata Hotel. This fourth star hotel architecture is old fashioned, but it make you feel comfey and homey. The hotel area was quite large and have private beach.


Talking about room, Kila have some room types, and I was stay in Superior Garden Room. My room use twin beds, and woods ornament is very dominate and it make classic touch for the room. The room facility, I think its a hotel standards but I like with the bathroom amenities which higher from my expectation which provided by Aerowisata.

Some of rooms have sea view, you can hear the wave sound anytime from your room and enjoy scenery from the terrace. But they have a warning message to prevent you from putting on your wet shirt/skirt in the terrace fence.


This hotel own two restaurant, Rinjani restaurant and Basilico Italian Pavilion. Basilico serve lunch and dinner with italian cuisine like pizza, pasta or lasagna. The resto located near the beach, so guest from another hotel can eat here. Different with Basilico, the Sunset Bar offer cocktail or mocktail beside the pool for the hotel guest only.

Guests can have their breakfast in Rinjani restaurant and eat variety of foods both local and western foods. The taste is good, but on the peak hours the room seems like not enough. Balinese “gamelan” music which made from bamboo will accompany you during your breakfast.

Other Facility



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