Another place in Bandung city where designed for creative incubation called Bandung Creative Hub (BCH). It’s located in Jalan Laswi where lot of young people gathered here to open discussion, general lecture, art exhibition and many more they can do here.

Fortunately, I with my brother, Ifan have same destination in this weekend where we have meeting placed in BCH. I looked around this place to getting know the every single floor of this building. This building consist of meeting room, library, theater/auditorium room (look like with cinema), exhibition/showcase room, workshop room, art studio, gallery, rooftop, office and a cafe.

At the time there’s a seminar conducted by a startup from Bandung. We also can have city view from terrace in 5th floor and many people took photos from here. 


For the first time since 2017, I can meet Agung and Adira here to have chitchat about our story. From several times we’ve plan to meet, but something always happen out of plan so we cannot full team. We meet in Kozi cafe located at 2nd floor of BCH. Talk about the cafe, they have a good vibes and design, but I think the cafe is too noisy because most of the customers was a student where they do their homework or assignment or thesis here together.

Adira & Agung

As it’s name, “Kozi” where it taken from “Cozy” the cafe name selected to reflect its ambience. I feel we can work calmly if the cafe not so crowd and choose the table where there some table with difference lighting design and concept and we can choose where the most “kozi” one. For menu, the cafe offer some coffee and tea beverages (i don’t know if they serve a meal too) and the price I think quite expensive for a student.

Kozi Cafe

After about 2 hours here we go to the next destination, and see the newer post!

np: pardon for my english writing 😀

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