Last time I visit Dufan was 6 years ago, where I went to the biggest outdoor theme park in Indonesia with Agung & Rara and now I back again with Dian and her brother (after Dufan announced 50% ticket discount!).  I think the regular ticket price is quiet expensive for the “old” theme park (Weekday: 200k, Weekend: 295k/325k) and this promo interesting.

Dufan (Dunia Fantasi / Fantasy World) always make happiness for the visitor even the attraction was not change a lot, only Ice Age as a new ride. Many visitor with difference age, background, culture and also lot of them come from outside Jakarta.

The first think we do there is play some extreme ride like Tornado, Kicir-kicir and Kora-kora. Extreme ride means ride that can make you feels pain, and I suggest you to play it before lunch or you will “mual” all day. Some of favorite ride such as Bianglala, Tornado, Istana Boneka (Puppet Castle), Ice Age has very long queue line. One ride can make you wait around 1 hour for only play 5 minutes. That’s why you if you want to feel many rides in Dufan better to come in weekday to minimize wasting time for queue. Did you played Roller Coaster Tycoon? Maybe you can make Dufan as inspiration for your theme park design (I was love the game until high school).

Nowadays the food stall also improved where a famous food/drink stall like Dum-Dum is now available in some point. Don’t forget to get extra cash, because you’ll harder to find ATM inside Dufan.

The last word, happiness is not count by number of ride you played, but with whom you played it. Have fun.


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