September 26th 2017, is one year anniversary of my working in current workplace, Garuda Indonesia. Many things I’ve been done here in one year since I started working in Indonesia Flag Carrier company and fortunately have friends that support each other and make me can adapt faster.

In the beginning work here, the boss asked us to direct involve in developing some company manual with short due date. With great team work, we can finished the first job completely to get approval from the authority. It’s a such good start, If we looked back, we came from difference company, difference segment. Most of us worked for telco company and I work for manufacturing company. Even we came from difference background actually we came from same and similar education background, industrial engineering and finance management (also 3 of us from same university).

Work Life Balance

In previous workplace in manufacturing, I feel some “emptiness” in my soul even I have a lot of friends and many task that required our creativity and teamwork, but something is missing. Yes, work life balance is missing. I realized that my time was bought by the company to work longer (overtime seems a must, also Saturday/Sunday some of employee should work). The routine make me feels like a robot, woke up in early morning, go to workplace, back home then sleep, woke up again, and this repeatedly up to 1 year.

I think it was a right decision to choose quit my job at that time (even I can earn more money), and started a new work life. In Garuda, I can balance my time between time for “Dunya” and “Akhirat”. The work load not hard as manufacturing company, but airline is one of passion and I can doing routine here without stress as previous. In spare time I can easy read some books to expand knowledge and we can share each other.

After work hour, I’ve quite enough time to do my hobby or anything I want to do, like attend workshop, study religion, spent time with family or in coffee shop, etc because the travel time between my office and home is shorter. The overtime rarely here, because the job desc of my unit not much hard as like in production floor.

And the important one is the ticket allowance for employee after 1 year work is unlocked! So I can travel all around the world with Garuda’s with very affordable price *time to realize one of my dream is to traveling to Europe, Asia, and Indonesia with my family*.

Overall, I’m happy to be work here and I hope can make a great career path till reach the top. Success for us!


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